• Aennon Tabungar

    Aennon is a professional dancer from Manila. A senior choreographer and member of TPM, a choreographer and performer in various concerts/productions, has taught and competed locally and internationally, and a faculty from the most prestigious studios in the metro From experience and guidance from his mentors he strive to share and master his craft with individuality, flavor and technique.

  • Angel Datanagan

    Angel, a member of A-Team, is a dance artist whose class is designed to help the students learn the right technique in executing her style of movement. Open to all levels, her sexy and strong choreographies will surely make you feel empowered and confident. Aside from that, Angel teaches soulful and concept-based pieces that aims to serve as an emotionally therapeutical dance class experience.

  • April Antonette

    April has been a member of A-Team since 2018 and crowned as a Dancehall Queen. April teaches foundations and culture of dancehall, best for people who wants to expand their Dancehall vocabulary.

    With her star energy and love for Visualz, she is all set to help you release that K-pop performer in you!

    Be with April in her Basic Dancehall and K-Pop classes!

  • Arda

    Arda is the co-founder and co-director of the award winning team A-Team. She has led multiple professional, competetive and school based teams to success. She is now a co-owner of ZERØ and focusing her energy in making sure that the studio provides a safe, nurturing yet challenging environment to everyone who wants to dance.

  • Ashvinder Singh

    An indie dance artist, Ash journeys to explore flow and musicality with music that is different from the popular favorites. He teaches flow choreographies that articulates body awareness and unique music interpretation. Be one with your body as you Explore identity with Ash.

  • Carla Faner

    Carla Faner a.k.a. Foxy B of Aftermath & Original Flavor Crew. Faner is a dance artist, architectural designer, & an entrepreneur based in Manila, Philippines.

    With years of experience in dance battles, performances, competitions, and continuous learning of the Hip Hop Culture, Faner has recently started sharing knowledge in dance and conduct classes with Zero Studio.

  • Carlos Serrano

    Carlos Serrano III is a Dance Major graduate from the De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB). He has learned through experience working as a team member and choreographer for Team Package Makers (TPM), AXIS, and director for And Friends. His involvement with these teams allowed him to step out of his comfort zone. This inspired him to approach his students with curiosity and see multiple opportunities to collaborate and learn from/with them.

  • Chael Ablaza

    Chael, a current member of A-Team, is on the rise with his undeniable talent and growth ever since he started dancing. His class is all about flow, texture, and range that exhibits his love for R&B music.

  • Dean Gales

    Dean, is a current member of A-TEAM since 2015, a well established artist, and is continously a beacon of strength & determination. Passionate about sharing his knowledge of dance from years of experience from teaching open classes locally and internationally. And now he's here to further share his hype approach to hip hop choreography.

  • Edd Vicente

    Edd Vicente is a founding member of A-Team Philippines and is a member of Dancehall Manila. As an experienced coach and choreographer, Edd’s choreographies are a fuse of different genres that will encourage you to bring your A-game. Known to be a strong performer, creative choreographer & passionate teacher, expect to come out of Edd’s class fulfilled with lots of new knowledge but also hungry for more.

  • Forest Ligayu

    Forest, a member of A-Team, is a multidisciplinary artist who uses his knowledge in fine arts and geometry as concepts in his dance. He is knowledgeable in the styles of popping, tutting, and waving.

    Through his Shapes & Figures class, he opens the minds of his students to how certain geometrical aspects can be an inspiration for their movement.

  • Freyja Kapangyarihan

    A movement artist and is a recruited member of A-Team since 2018. Their uncommon and alluring approach to dance easily makes them a stand out performer and a force to be reckoned with. And with that, they aim to share their technique to individuals whether they're just starting out on their journey or already deep within their paths.

  • Jaja Bordado

    A member of A-Team PH, has a background and foundation in jazz and contemporary. She teaches Basic Femme, open for beginners, which focuses more on following basic counts and beats. Her class is fun-filled and high-energy that uses classic and hottest hits that will bring out your femininity.

  • Jana Mahusay

    Jana Mahusay, a member of A-Team Philippines for 10 years now, is a world champion, an undeniable performer, and passionate teacher. Her classes has always been more than just about dance — as she loves to empower others & help others unleash the most confident, unapologetic, & most bad ass version of themselves. She aims to make students feel sexy & strong no matter their size, shape, or form through the art of dance.

  • Jigoro Gragasin

    Jigoro Gragasin, Jigs for short, is a professional dancer, performer, teacher, and coach. He specializes in different streetdance styles such as Popping, Locking, Hiphop and House. He also has a professional background in different dance techniques such as Modern and Broadway Jazz, Contemporary, and Philippine Folk dance.

  • JM Yrreverre

    JM is a current member of A-Team and UP Street Dance Club. Also known as “Kid Wonder”, his dance style is heavily based on power, flow, and performance that definitely lives up to his name. Get ready to set fire on the dance floor in his classes and bring out the star that you are.

  • Joshua Dacena

    Josh, a member of A-Team, and world champion of the 2019 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival with TEENAGE, has been dancing K-Pop routines for over 3 years now. Flew to South Korea for the finals of KCDF & was able to learn from SM Ent’s choreographer. He is ready to share what he’s learned and help his students unlock their inner star power.

  • Justin Nilosan

    Justin, also known as "Yabadoo", is currently a member of the UP Streetdance Club and The Crew. Catch his #YabaMoves at ZERØ Studio.

  • Kathryna Turo

    Kate is a current member of the UP Streetdance Club and is one of the newest members of The Crew. She has been exploring and immmersing herself in the world of Afro dance and she is fired up to share this fresh and unique style to the Philippine dance scene.

  • King Ilian Mistica

    King, a member of A-team PH and a World Champion who have taught local and international classes. Loves creating purpose-driven art and high caliber dance pieces. He will help you improve your dance skills by his good attention to detail and the ability to simplify intricate movements.

  • Lean Mangrobang

    Movement artist that focuses on “punctuations”, an experimental approach to music treatment, and movement, associating it to how we communicate to other people.

  • Mae Mae Gomez

    An experienced dancer for seven years, and a current member of A-Team Philippines. She portrays the power of liberty, femininity, and confidence thru dance. She’s able to share cheerful and synergistic energy to her students every session, making learning fun and memorable.

  • MJ Arda

    MJ is the co-founder and co-director of the world champions A-Team. He has led multiple professional, competitive and school based teams to success. Aside from all his community works, he now has choreographed and continues to work with different celebrities to further the art of dance.

  • Nadja Concepcion

    Nadja is a member of A-Team and has taught at different studios across the metro. She loves teaching fun pieces that bring out ZERØ students’ personal flavor and swag.

  • Nica Santos

    Nica is a Filipina Artist, a visionary, and an advocate who aims to give hope and encourage people to speak out & be confident within themselves. She is a member of A-Team Philippines and has been active in both the dance community and industry. She’s known for being strong and versatile, giving her best in everything she does.

    Make sure to drop by and attend her intermediate classes!

  • Nico Angeles

    Nico, an alumnus of the UP Streetdance Club, is now part of the A-Team Philippines. Always setting fire to the dance floor whenever he performs, Nico aims to share his flavor and energy to his Basic Femme classes. Whether sultry or sassy, his classes will surely bring your confidence and performance level to the top.

  • Roco Sanchez

    Roco is an alumnus of the UP Streetdance Club and currently a member of TPM & A-Team. He has devoted half of his life dancing & learning different styles to better his vocabulary and technique. Through ZERØ, he aims to share and teach the basic technique & fundamentals for the students to grow.

  • Sef Remollo

    Sef is a member of world-renowned crew A-Team Philippines. He has choreographed and taught students of all levels in genres of Hip Hop, House, RnB, and K-Pop. With years of experience of performing for events and artists, and in the competition scene, both local and international, he is trusted to help the next generation of dancers in their foundations and growth to further their talent in the most fun way possible.

  • Trisha Martin

    Trisha is a member of A-Team and an active member of the UP Streetdance Club. When it comes to pure vibes, this bad gyal is all for it! Get ready to experience her own flavor to Dancehall at ZERØ Studio.

  • Togs Dela Torre

    Togs is a member of UPSDC and The Crew. She has been dancing House for almost a decade already. Now, she gets to share the beauty of it through her House choreography classes at ZERØ Studio.

  • Von Asilo

    Von is a dance educator, coach, and artist who continuously explores different dance styles while staying true to his own style and flavor. Currently into House dance, he enjoys sharing his love for dance to his students and peers while also cultivating a deeper appreciation for the art form.

  • Ysai Castro

    Ysai has been a member of A-Team since 2015. She loves performing and empowering fellow women through dancing. With attitude, flavor, and confidence, her class will surely bring out and further your artistry.